#Confluence: Ghost Roads

Pe se la nei luga o le sami Le lalolagi vaivai Puupuu tatou taimi e feloai Te fa’anoanoa pea

Siva masina O fono ai le igoa maliu Vaitafe o le niu Malu a’e le la Te ataata lea, ou te ataata pea Ata pea loimata ua mou atu

Tu’u Mai Lou lima ta te eva I le po Taitai ou vae ma sisiva lo’u uo Fiafiaga i lalo le la o le po Ae maigi le tiga la’e toetiti e ta’ o

All the times I’ve fooled the light Dancing in it’s delirious nights Haunted by this son’s moonlight Waiting for the moon to rise

Leao – Siva Masina (Moon Dance)

I’m experiencing a profound sense of confluence today.

It crept up on me after a very ‘off’ first half of the day, feeling a mixture of personal buoyancy, interpersonal stress, and societal grumpiness in response to various things going on in my orbit lately. I’m typing this as I begin to unpack the experience which shifted my trajectory before the details slip away like those of a dream:

I was revising a draft of a blog post about Bandcamp and decided to abbreviate “Bandcamp” to “BC” at one point, but felt unsure about whether or not I’d seen the platform do this officially somewhere. (I also live in British Columbia, so thought it felt a bit odd to use “BC” for anything else.)

Landing on the Bandcamp homepage to take a look around, my eyes wandered across their daily label feature on New Zealand's Noa Records, which I hadn’t heard of before. Intrigued by the title of the feature, I followed the link. (My mind then began wandering back to whakapapa, which I hadn’t known about until reading this post by mixmix (%V7QGr89zeJ0f8yuhe6gVolxusHo8w2LgYl92+xKNVmI=.sha256) that caught my eye earlier today – and general ponderings about the ssb bridge now forged between here and NZ.)

Not feeling especially keen to go digging into a bunch of new music, I skimmed down to the first embedded song and pressed play out of mild curiosity.

As the song began, my fingers kept drifting me down the page. And about 10 seconds later, I felt something catch in my chest. You know those moments? You’re scrolling a page online somewhere, in a semi-mindless stupor, and suddenly an unexpected hue of light (or plume of flames) breaks through the web and catches you off-guard — that’s what it felt like. It’s amazing how quickly certain words can zoom through the labyrinth of your mind and straight towards the center:


pause mind – click play

“Ariel Pink and The Cleaners From Venus”

vibrating eardrums – paused breath / body

Until this moment, this particular set of words had no space of association in my mind outside of my small tangle of existence. It was like seeing two people from completely different parts of your life who you never conceived of intersecting in any form sitting at a table together in a café.

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