I just joined Buy Music Club – A revolutionary site which encourages people to actually buy music. What a novel idea!

Yet again, Bandcamp have waived their revenue fees so that musicians on their platform receive 100% of purchase sales in light of the current circumstances. And in an era where it's already been 'normal' for musicians to earn $0.00331 per Spotify stream, this is a really big deal! The last time Bandcamp did this, artists brought in $4.3 million dollars in one day.

So, I went on a little shopping spree today which loosely hearkened to the excitement of perusing a cool record store and picked up a bunch of great music.

As if that weren't excited enough, I also learned about Buy Music Club — a site where you can make Bandcamp playlists. What makes this so incredible is that I had been searching for exactly this kind of website last month and gave up after finding only duds. Apparently, BMC was in my blind spot! The main flaw is that tracks don't autoplay, but otherwise, it's exactly what I was looking for, and seems to have been made by good people purely out of their passion for supporting a sustainable music economy.

In any case, I ended up making a playlist of songs from each of the releases that I purchased—which was a fun challenge given the variety. You can listen to the results below: