Morning thoughts / cane-shaking grumblings: 'spotify era vs mp3 blog era'

This morning, while walking my indoor circuit (I can wander outside here, but am establishing indoor routines as well), I decided to listen to one of my favorite mixes from the 'mp3 blog era' by flwrpt. (Darien Birks) entitled “2009” – the year that it was made*.

I've come back to '2009' countless times over the past decade while navigating so many different selves, mind states, and situations, and it still brings me so much wholesome joy and a deep sense of connection after all of these years. It also feels so... tangible and human. And by that I don't just mean the music itself – which certainly feels tangible and human in its own way – I mean, the 'container' of the mix itself feels like a beloved old disc that I'm digging out of a box, which is still connected to its original creator & context despite being carried through so many others...

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